How long does it take to grow crops in township game?

How long does it take to grow crops in township game?

How long does it take to grow crops in township game?
The Township game is all about building and farming. But that's not all. It teaches the players some useful skills such as Time Management. Why is this so? Because of the time taken to grow crops in the game township.

There are many short and long term crops and therefore the time taken to grow crops in the township game varies from crop to crop. So, how long does it take to grow crops in township game? It can be anytime from 2 minutes to 15 hours.

There are various tips to grow the crops. For instance, many of the players grow a mix of short term and long term plants.  
Short term crops-have a growing time of less than 4 hours and long term crops Such As cocoa, rubber and silk-have a growing along time.    

So it's best to have a mixture of silk, rubber tree, wheat, corn, carrots and sugar cane. Also additional crops Such as rice, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers can be grown.  

One tip Many Players do Is That just Before They go to sleep They long term plant plants That so by the time They wake up, there is a full grown crop Readily available.  

For instance, rubber takes about 12 hours to grow. So the best time to plant rubber is early morning or early evening. Other times During the day, qui crops need just about less than 6 hours can be planted and harvested.  

So the secret to growing crops is the timing. This way, the field space is used wisely. So if long-term growing crops are planted overnight, They Will be grown by morning.  

For instance silk takes about 15 hours to grow. So if it's planted sometime around 4 or 5, Then the next day you will have a good crop.

And then after harvesting, during the day time you can plant some short term crops such as wheat, corn and so on.
In addition, the Township game has some boosters to offer so that the growing time of the crops can be reduced. For instance, Potatoes take about 4 hours to grow.  

This time can be reduced by at least 40% if a certain task is completed. For instance, the personal 6th goal of the restaurant When successfully completed event will Reduce the time taken to grow potatoes.  

Not only That, some boosters are offered as rewards in Regattas and other boosters can be purchased this with tokens in the yacht club.  

Then there is also the option to use T-cash which will help in speeding up the growth in the field. HOWEVER, since this expensive this is not considered a very good option.

As an end note, inventory and Time management is the key. The player shoulds make sour That There is good stock of all crops When also required and the growing time of the new crop shoulds be kept in mind.  

Whatever the case, the longer the growing time, and the more profitable they will be. This is because of the time investment involved. So this game teaches the player about Time Management. By doing this the player need not worry about how long does it take to grow crops in township game?